Psychiatric evaluation, diagnosing and treatment planning

Our initial session will run over the course of an hour. During this time we will start the foundation of our therapeutic relationship. We will discuss your symptoms, the way they are impacting your life and what your goals for treatment are. I may ask you to complete questionnaires which will guide your treatment plan. Depending on your presenting symptoms and past medical history, blood work may be required prior to prescribing medications. It is important for me to be able to work collaboratively with your mental health and/or health care providers. I will ask you to sign the necessary consent forms allowing me to speak with them regarding your care. By the end of our session, I hope to have a good sense of who you are and your treatment expectations.

Collaboration & Treatment Planning Session

2 weeks following Initial Evaluation
After your initial psychiatric evaluation, you and I will both have tasks to complete in order to create your optimal treatment plan. My goal is to connect with your other healthcare providers to learn more about you. If you would like family involved and have requested I contact them, I will do so during this time. Your obligation is to complete the needed laboratory work so I can have the results for this session. At the start of this session I will review my impressions from our initial visit as well as the information gathered from lab work, questionnaires and individuals I spoke with. Together we will explore different evidenced based treatment options, including the risks vs benefits of each. Once you are comfortable with our treatment plan, we can set it to action!


I am highly skilled at working with clients battling substance use disorder. Assisting clients during such a vulnerable period of life is truly a great honor of mine. I find working with impaired professionals highly rewarding. If you are looking for help with addiction management, my ideal client has successfully completed a detox/treatment program and is now stable on maintenance medication. If you are just starting to look for addiction treatment and need assistance, I can connect you to helpful resources. In order for me to be your prescribing maintenance provider, regular urine drug screens will be required in addition to frequent prescription drug monitoring program checks to ensure your best care. You will also be required to have regular visits with a therapist specializing in addiction.

Psychiatric follow-up visits

Following the treatment plan we crafted, we will meet for follow-up visits to discuss how your treatment is progressing. Together we will identify methods to improve the effectiveness of your treatment, including medication adjustments and lifestyle modifications. Supportive psychotherapy techniques will be used to reinforce skills you have learned in therapy and maintain the gains you have made through treatment.

Telepsychiatry available

Telepsychiatry is a popular solution for barriers to treatment such as Covid-19 and your busy schedule. This growing industry helps you get all the advantages of a live session, without visiting the clinic at all. At Brighter Life Psychiatry, we provide telemedicine services in Florida.
How Does Telepsychiatry Service Work?

I am a skilled provider with years of clinical practice and experience. I am invested in helping you achieve your treatment goals as modestly as possible. During your time with me you can expect compassion, empathy and tons of motivational interviewing.