OCD services offered in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and Plantation, FL


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects as many as three million Americans. If you’re overwhelmed by recurring thoughts that trigger repetitive behaviors, you can find the high-quality care you need at Brighter Life Psychiatry. In addition to psychiatric evaluations to confirm OCD, Crystal Adkins, MSN, APRN, APN-C, PMHNP-BC, provides personalized care plans for children and adults. Crystal focuses on strategies like psychotherapy and medications to stop unwanted thoughts and uncontrollable urges from taking over your life. Call the Coral Springs, Florida, office today to schedule an OCD evaluation or book an appointment online.

What is OCD?

OCD is a chronic disorder that causes unwanted, intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that create strong urges to repeat certain behaviors (compulsions). 

Not following through with these urges causes significant mental and emotional distress. The cycle of obsessions and compulsions can interfere with your ability to meet responsibilities and engage socially with others.

Brighter Life Psychiatry provides personalized care for adults and children with OCD. As an experienced mental health nurse practitioner, Crystal can create a treatment plan to minimize unwanted thoughts and behaviors.

What are the symptoms of OCD?

OCD causes a range of symptoms that vary from person to person. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Brighter Life Psychiatry if you or your child experiences uncontrollable obsessions, such as:

  • Fear of germs
  • Fear of losing control
  • Strong need for perfect order
  • Forbidden thoughts about religion, sex, or violence

These obsessions can trigger compulsions like excessive hand washing, rearranging objects in a particular order, repeatedly checking appliances or locks, and compulsive counting.

Crystal offers psychiatric evaluations to assess OCD symptoms. Based on your results, she creates a treatment plan to help you bring your symptoms under control.

How is OCD treated?

Brighter Life Psychiatry customizes care plans for OCD that include a combination of psychotherapy and medications.


Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, helps you recognize harmful thoughts and behaviors that are common with OCD. Therapy also gives you tools you can use to change negative patterns and better cope with OCD challenges.


Antidepressants and other prescription medications work on the neurotransmitters of your brain to boost serotonin levels and stabilize your moods.

You might also benefit from lifestyle changes to prevent OCD from worsening. Participating in daily exercise, following a healthy diet, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night are all strategies that promote overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Crystal monitors your progress with treatment during therapy sessions and routine follow-up visits. She can adjust your medications as needed to keep your OCD symptoms well-controlled.

Call Brighter Life Psychiatry today to schedule an OCD evaluation for yourself or your child. You can also book an appointment online.