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Crystal Adkins, MSN, APRN, APN-C, PMHNP-BC

Helping children, teens, and adults to reach their fullest potential and experience a brighter life. 

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Coral Springs, Florida & Telehealth serving all of Florida

When I am not working, I am acting as the chaos coordinator of my large, blended family. We love to get out and experience life whether it is going out to eat or traveling on a new adventure.

One of my most favorite places to be is near the ocean. I find the salty air, warm sun, the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand to be incredibly calming. The beach is my happy place.

I love turtles. I have raised the same Florida box turtle for the past 32 years. She has traveled with me to Kentucky for a period of time and survived the cold winters. Her name is Eurtle and she is still alive and well.

My Story

At age 29 I found myself facing unimaginable challenges. One minute everything was “perfect” and the next it seemed like my entire world shattered. My husband’s sudden death left me feeling scared, alone, even hopeless. How was it possible for me to be a mother, pregnant and widowed? Insane right? The early months following his death were so bleak and dark. Thankfully, I sought out a grief therapist to help me on my journey of life after loss. Once able, I began an antidepressant to augment grief therapy. Over the next year I started to like the healing version of myself. I started to live again. When I returned to work as a nurse practitioner I transitioned into psychiatry motivated to help others find their own mending path. Assisting those suffering from grief and loss is a passion of mine.

Fast forward several years, I am now remarried to a widower with several children of his own. I understand the delicate balance needed to blend families; especially grieving families. I am sensitive to the strain and reward of step-parenting. Whatever your life stressor is; divorce, death, remarriage, parenting, my goal is to work with you to help you achieve homeostasis within yourself as well as your homelife.

I named my practice Brighter Life Psychiatry because no matter how devastating your life seems, if you are committed to change; a Brighter Life is possible.

My Background

I am a dual certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. My professional nursing career spans over 18 years with a focus on psychiatry, addiction medicine, medical-surgical nursing and oncology. In 2003 I completed my Associates of Science in Nursing at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Fl. From there, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL in 2006. As I continued my trend of moving South, I completed my Masters of Science in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University in 2009. As a nurse practitioner I have worked with some of the top psychiatrists and addictonologists in South Florida providing me with in-depth training, mentorship, clinical oversight and continued use of up-to-date evidence-based medicine. My collaborative physician is Dr. Richard Seely who is Board-Certified in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, addiction medicine and addiction psychiatry. He is a provider and evaluator for Florida’s Impaired Professionals Programs and professional athletes.

I am a skilled provider with years of clinical practice and experience. I am invested in helping you achieve your treatment goals as modestly as possible. During your time with me you can expect compassion, empathy and tons of motivational interviewing.